Soulshine Bali – Script

Digital Storytelling IMC 634

Script for Soulshine Bali. Com


Our girl, an overworked young professional living a busy Manhattan Life, is found walking amongst her hectic life trying to escape to her yoga studio for some relief. Surrounded by innovative marketing tactic of wrapped walls that depict the scenery of Soulshine Bali – a roof top yoga deck in Bali, she is immediately transported in her dreams to Bali and imagines the experience of being in a yoga class on deck, hanging out with the locals in town and enjoying the amenities of wifi and luxe accommodations back at the retreat center. She doesn’t leave the dream sequence because she feels peaceful and wants everyone to join her in Bali!




  Video Audio
1. Long shot of busy Manhattan New York street with traffic and store fronts and numerous people walking at a harried pace – Point of View is from our girl walking down the street. (Nuetral) Sounds of cars honking, street noise, traffic buzz and people talking, but nothing that can really be discerned
2. Switch to girl’s face. She is dressed in work clothes and has her backpack with yoga mat over her shoulder. She is visibly stressed and intent on reaching her destination Long audible sigh and slight mumbles to herself – clearly replaying a conversation or event that occurred earlier in the day at work.
3. Switch to front door of Yoga Studio  
4. Switch to girl looking at the door Another long audible sigh – deep breath


5. Switch to close up of girl’s hand on door knob and opening the door  
6. Switch to interior of studio lobby Zen music playing in the background
7. Switch to receptionist who is very calm and peacefully smiling at girl Hey there. Good to see you today.
8. Switch to girl taking off shoes and leaving them in a cubby Seriously. So good to be here.

(lobby music)

9. Cut to inside yoga studio room. Girl is in yoga clothes and is on her matt waiting for class to begin Different music from lobby but still Zen in nature
10. Girl notices something different as she scans the room. She sees the walls are different

Background yoga students entering and setting down matts

Zen music

Light footed yoga students entering room and rolling out matts

Some faint audible noises as they take in the wrapped walls

11. Walls are “wrapped” with scenery from a beautiful roof top that overlooks fields of flowers and trees from Soulshine Bali rooftop Zen music
12. Switch to Yoga Instructor who is starting with a sun salutation Yoga instructor is lightly telling class: “This is “your practice. Listen to your body tonight and let it guide you into the poses, never forcing or competing with anyone else as we move into our first downward facing dog…” trailing off
13. Switch to Girl who is looking up to the sky in sun salutation We hear the instructor as she continues to provide guidance..”letting go of everything that happened today. Forgetting all conversations. Forgiving…”
14. Switch to Soulshine Bali grounds and our girl is transported here for a yoga class.

Different Yoga instructor and

Michael Franti sitting on a barstool with guitar and headset for vocals

Different yoga instructor is guiding class IN Bali and strumming guitar music is audible

…forgiving anyone who might have said something that was not supportive or conducive to a peaceful relationship…”

15. Switch to girl –still dreaming –walking down streets of Bali and open air market is taking place. Children are playing Girl is smiling and giggling and saying hello to locals.

She is saying please and thank you as she interacts and buys small items from vendors


16. Switch to close ups of children’s smiles Music in the streets

Happy people laughing

Transactions faintly taking place

17. Switch to children slow motion running up towards girl Giggling and sweet chatter
18. Switch to girl reaching down to hug children Giggling and sweet chatter
19. Switch to girl taking selfies with young local girls Young girls laughing

Our girls saying: “Smile”

20. Switch to girl reaching down to hug children Laughing and sweet chatter
21. Switch to our girl waving goodbye with some children still hanging on to her skirt A lot of good byes from kids and people who were paying attention in the streets
22. Switch to girl getting on local bus Sounds of bus stopping
23. Switch to girl grabbing a seat Sounds of bus leaving and faint music in the background

Bus riders talking

24. Switch to our girl riding back in a public bus looking out window Local music playing across loud speaker in bus

Bus riders talking and chatter


25. Switch to our girl at her luxurious accommodations back at Soulshine Soft zen music that is the same we heard in the yoga studio room back in New York
26. Switch to girl laying on the bed on her stomach with iPad open for Skype with someone on other end …It’s amaxing here. We are so lucky to be able to share this place. I never want to leave…you need to come and join me…voice trails off as we hear her describing vegetarian food, yoga classes
27. Switch to Soulsine Bali rooftop at sunset


Soulshine Bali URL



Soulshine Bali dot com – the ultimate holistic vacation that will lift your Spirt and Calm your soul.

Visit Soulshine Bali dot com and book your vacation today.

Group rates are available –

Check out our site Soulshine Bali dot com



Soulshine Bali



The Advertisement for Soulshine Bali will convince women between the ages of 35-50 with high earning power who practice yoga and travel with friends that Soulshine Bali will/provide the opportunity to unwind, destress and improve health.

The Support will be imagery and testimonials. The Tone will be loving and centered.



Why are we advertising?

We want yoga practitioners and to choose Soulshine Bali as their reoccurring Holistic Vacation spot where they can unwind, destress and improve their health without a care. Soulshine Bali to be your “home away from home” your personal resort that caters to your diva needs but cradles your inner soul.

Whom are we talking to?

Young women living in urban areas and working full time who are single, married without kids or kids are self-sufficient. Go-getters, considered High-Net-Worth-Individuals. Driven, yet strive to stay balanced and Zen.

She appreciates yoga because it centers her and she likes the influence of Eastern Religion. She tries to be a better person, is authentic with others.

The ideal vacation is time with herself and her closest friends. She wants to detox from tech and wake up in beautiful surroundings, feeling like the day is hers. She would never admit her inner-Diva and also ponders what it means to be Bodhisattva.

What do they currently think?

Loves the idea of detoxing from tech, but realistically, what if something goes awry? Can’t get sick while there. Comfort is essential. This IS a vacation. I enjoy myself.

What would we like them to think?

Soulshine Bali was created for her. Detox from tech but still have WiFi if you change your mind. All types of modalities offered here– for your personal evolution. Revisit time-and-time again. Accommodations are upscale. Fresh cooked vegetarian fare.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

Nothing else to think about besides your personal journey.

Why should they believe it?

Co-owned by Michael Franti which lends the credibility of a “rock star” who demonstrates through his work and his music that he practices being loving, giving and centered.

What is the personality we want to convey?

A loving, relaxed oasis created for you.

Are there any creative guidelines?
The essence is in the current logo. It is an upbeat loving vibe with just a hint of a Middle Eastern Zentric vibe.